Monday, March 11, 2013

New Hashtag Idea to Promote your Books

Consumers buy based on familiarity. That's why one of Amazon's most popular features is the function where they show "people who bought this also bought that". There ought to be a solution that we can use in the real (non-Amazon) world for our books. Below, I offer a possible simple solution using the social media hashtag system.

At one time or another, most of us readers seek out "books like" ... name your author or title ... in a book store or on-line, or just in conversation.

I've come up with a new hashtag system that I hope (if it is legal ... I don't know) may help all of us undiscovered writers use that as leverage in social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to get our books noticed alongside more well known titles.

I checked and it seems the hashtag #bookslike is not being used. Just imagine, you could search on #bookslike Tom Sawyer or #bookslike Forrest Gump or #bookslike Pride and Prejudice .

The bottom line is, we could all benefit from knowing what book or author your book is like. Let me know if you like this new hashtag idea.

Finally, I'm not an attorney so I don't know the legalities of comparing one's product to another product when you don't own the rights to the latter. Before you go ahead and use the hashtag, I suggest we wait and hear what others - more informed sources - think about this approach. Any attorneys or publishing gurus wish to weigh in on this?

* * * *

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