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Off the Fairway - A Lesson in the Woods

The title of my 2016 release novel is Off the Fairway – A Lesson in the Woods. It is a comedic coming-of-age story that may remind some readers of the laugh-out-loud golf movies of the 1980’s. Others may appreciate it for its tender treatment of the serious subject of war induced post-traumatic stress.

* * * * *

John Russell is a decorated veteran of World War II. Awarded medals of heroism for saving the lives of two men during a ferocious battle, he is home and happily running a classic golf course dedicated in his honor. John’s son, Bart, a bright and fun-loving teenager with dreams of running the operation himself one day, works there too.

But dreams don’t always come true and some memories are worse than others. John begins to suffer disabling recollections of the battle and his “friends” begin to notice. Financial disaster, complete with lawsuits and likely bankruptcy soon follow.

His own dreams shattered and his father in ruins, Bart faces his own crisis. Meanwhile, something deep is a work, both pushing and pulling him, and it is more important than his life goals and bigger than his dreams could ever imagine.

* * * * *

Set among the beautiful rolling hills of a Pennsylvania country club, Off the Fairway – A Lesson in the Woods follows the development of a care-free teen as he plays, cries, fights and grows into a man of integrity, learns the truth about power and discovers what character, honor and respect really mean.

Title: Off the Fairway – A Lesson in the Woods
by A.H. Pellett
Genre: General Fiction
Copyright Arthur H. Pellett 2016
Cover Design - HCF Enhancement, LLC
547 pages
Available in trade paperback and ebook formats
Audiobook available Summer 2016

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Sleeping in Snow with Bears

Four of the American West's most endearing symbols are the grizzly bear, the golden eagle, the American Indian; and oh, let's not forget Hollywood. Sleeping in Snow with Bears - The Making of a Legend is an exciting contemporary legend of how a nurse from Boston came to know and become one with them all, and in the process, changed the consciences of two nations.   read more

Short Plot Summary:

Aimee, Marcie and Boyd, three best friends since college, will do absolutely anything for one another. Their lifelong bond gets sealed one Halloween evening when Aimee is victimized in a horrible sexual assault and Boyd and Marcie step in to take revenge. Unfortunately, things don't work out as planned. Marcie, a brilliant student who wants to be a surgeon, is jailed for the deed and Boyd, a wannabe male model, is facially disfigured and leaves the U.S. for Brazil to learn to fly from an acquaintance who works as a jungle pilot. Still, steel bars and distance can't keep the two apart and Boyd and Marcie find an especially risky way to build a romance. Meanwhile, Aimee's life—initially as promising as her friends'—is falling apart. To numb memories of her assault she's become self-destructive and loses a fiance'. Realizing they must do something to help her, Boyd and Marcie put thoughts of themselves aside and come up with a plan to save Aimee from ruin before she kills herself. Tough under any circumstance, the assignment is especially difficult as one of them has become the focus of nationwide media attention and the other the target of the FBI. Still more challenging, they learn they are vital to an even more important agenda set in motion years earlier by a mysterious spiritual dying man who emulated the American Indian and claimed they will awaken nations if they follow his path.

If you like mystery, suspense, action and a bit of romance, this book is for you. 

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