Friday, September 28, 2012

Read "The Ghosts of Belmont" Short Story

My short story, The Ghosts of Belmont, is out, just in time for Halloween.

My short story, The Ghosts of Belmont, is out, just in time for Halloween. If you think it's in the horror genre, you guessed correctly.

Here's the premise: What can happen when a highly anticipated celebratory biography you've just published is entirely wrong? A Civil War historian excited about his just published book is haunted when he discovers new information.                 

Download it for FREE to your browser or reading device. It's only about five pages so you could even print it out to put on your refrigerator! (just kidding - but you really could print it out) For the next few days it is available only at Smashwords. It should be available in most other major ebook stores before long.  Reviews are very much appreciated.

Finally, if you like the short story, please consider trying some sample chapters (for FREE of course) from my novel, Sleeping in Snow with Bears - The Making of a Legend. This latter link is to SW, but you can find the book in digital or paperback at most major ebook stores.

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UPDATE: The Ghosts of Belmont is now available at (still free at Smashwords).