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Friday, March 7, 2014

New Video Book Trailer

I've just added a second video to this blog's Book Trailers page. For now, you can see it here. 

This new trailer introduces the themes (some hidden) in Sleeping in Snow with Bears and includes a reading of selected passages. Thanks Google+ Writers Discussion Group for the idea!

For a more traditional music backed book trailer, see the other video I've posted (under Book Trailers tab).

PS Sorry that the guy in the bottom of the screen is such a stiff. Maybe I should make his lips move.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Just Like Big Publishers - Indies Can Set Up Pre-Orders Too

Have you ever wondered how a book that has only been released days earlier manages to shoot to the top of the best-seller lists immediately? I always have, until now.

Recently, I watched the roll-out of a well known author's new book. It was interesting to watch because even before the title was released, there was tremendous marketing buzz. I thought it peculiar because one would think it better to be promoting a title when it was available, rather than before so. That's when I learned about pre-ordering - a concept that was entirely new to me. The promotions for this new title were not in vein at all but rather a great marketing tactic to get high sales numbers right off the blocks on the day the title is released.

I wondered, is that something I could take advantage of? As an independent author, I had my doubts. It did not appear that I could do that until I learned that Smashwords has such a program. Mark Corker, head guru at Smashwords has put together a presentation entitled, "Hit the Ebook Bestseller Lists with Preorders ... A Guide to Preorder Strategy". Follow the link for the online presentation.

Thanks, Mark! I plan to follow these words of wisdom with my next independent release.

Monday, January 13, 2014

kindle matchbook - a Belated Christmas Gift

A couple months ago, I, like most others who have physical books and ebooks for sale on, was invited by the company to participate in their new "kindle matchbook" (no caps ... catchy, huh?) program. Upon reading about the program, I had some decisions to make. This post discusses how I made these decisions.

"kindle matchbook" allows the publisher to set special ebook pricing for people who purchase a physical book (from Amazon). i.e. if you bought the physical book, the ebook may be discounted below the original ebook price.

There was a lot of discussion on the inter-tubes about how best to approach this? Should digital copies be priced the same? Discounted? Deeply discounted? Free?

After some consideration, I realized that my readers most definitely ought to be rewarded for purchasing the physical book and that it costs me nothing other than an unlikely ebook sale to give these readers a digital copy of my work. Besides that it makes the text more accessible, which promotes my ultimate goal - getting people to read my work.

For these reasons, anyone who purchases (or has purchased ... I think) the Sleeping in Snow with Bears paperback version through Amazon can now order a FREE digital copy of the book through

Thank you readers! I had intended to post this just before Christmas-time, as a gift to you, but I failed to get around to it. I hope you all have a terrific new year!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Spooky Short Story for Your Enjoyment

It's that time of year when I present my Halloween appropriate short horror story. Here's the pitch ...

What can happen when a highly anticipated celebratory biography you've just published is entirely wrong? A Civil War historian excited about his just published book is haunted when he discovers new information.

It's FREE and downloadable to your PC or digital device. Enjoy!

Friday, August 9, 2013

AHP is on the Radio "Doing Well By Doing Good"

AHP is on the radio!

Last week I was invited to speak about my novel, "Sleeping in Snow with Bears", during a radio program. The topic was "Doing Well by Doing Good," and it was hosted by the Cancer Support Community (CSC), formerly Gilda's Club, which supports people struggling with cancer. There's a cancer support tie-in to my novel (though the novel is NOT about cancer) and I'm interviewed for about 15 minutes during which, among other things, I explain why I chose to partner with and donate a portion of sales to CSC.

If you're interested in checking out the show, it is now available as a digital stream. Download it or listen directly on your favorite digital device. See embedded link below.

Thanks in advance to anyone who spends 15 valuable minutes (or more) listening to this show. If you'd like an incentive to listen, besides the other two more polished guests who have some nice products you will want to hear about, you might get a good laugh comparing my segments to way the pros do this. I'm clearly out of my element (I wish I was being humble ... I'm not).

If you like what you hear, or know someone who may benefit from their services, please consider supporting CSC.

"Doing Well by Doing Good"

Listener note: I'm the third of a panel of three guests and each of our parts was split into four segments. My parts are at the 7:50 mark, 24:24 mark, 38:51 mark and 52:39 mark.