Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's "Sleeping with Snow with Bears" about?

My new novel, Sleeping in Snow with Bears, is now available in ebook form on Amazon.com and will soon be coming to most other major ebook retailers.  So what's the genre and what is it about?

Honestly, I've struggled with this because the plot is a lot deeper than the description I've drafted for the ebook stores. That description is targeted at the reader browsing for a thriller. If you want to read that version of the description click here or on the book cover to the right of this page, you'll see what I mean. It comes across a little bit thin.

I prefer to think Bears (my shorthand for the novel) is bigger and better than that description. Speaking more exactly, Bears is a suspenseful action packed thriller spanning the exotic locales of two continents, featuring an epic story of one nation's survival, another's awakening, two beautiful love stories + a mystical sub-text from beginning to end.  It's a tale told by a paparazzi you can read about in the ebook description cited above.

I hope you'll take a look at the description and consider downloading a free sample.