Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Novel is Now Available ... In Limited Locations

After over eight years in the conceiving, writing, re-writing and editing stages, this past Monday I finally uploaded my novel, Sleeping in Snow with Bears, to

So far this uploading has been the easiest part of this whole writing process and very rewarding after so many years in the prep stage. Since I carefully followed their guidelines, all the formats converted on the first try. I am currently waiting on approval for the site's Premium Catalog (a manual review as I understand it) which would then make the title available in other ebookstores.

If anyone is interested, they can check out the book jacket and story description at this Smashwords link.  If you go there, thanks in advance for checking it out.  A sample of the first 20 percent of the book is there too, for free.  Let me know what you think.