Monday, January 13, 2014

kindle matchbook - a Belated Christmas Gift

A couple months ago, I, like most others who have physical books and ebooks for sale on, was invited by the company to participate in their new "kindle matchbook" (no caps ... catchy, huh?) program. Upon reading about the program, I had some decisions to make. This post discusses how I made these decisions.

"kindle matchbook" allows the publisher to set special ebook pricing for people who purchase a physical book (from Amazon). i.e. if you bought the physical book, the ebook may be discounted below the original ebook price.

There was a lot of discussion on the inter-tubes about how best to approach this? Should digital copies be priced the same? Discounted? Deeply discounted? Free?

After some consideration, I realized that my readers most definitely ought to be rewarded for purchasing the physical book and that it costs me nothing other than an unlikely ebook sale to give these readers a digital copy of my work. Besides that it makes the text more accessible, which promotes my ultimate goal - getting people to read my work.

For these reasons, anyone who purchases (or has purchased ... I think) the Sleeping in Snow with Bears paperback version through Amazon can now order a FREE digital copy of the book through

Thank you readers! I had intended to post this just before Christmas-time, as a gift to you, but I failed to get around to it. I hope you all have a terrific new year!