Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Writer Chooses Sides - As for me, I'm not quite ready

Brook Johnson, a writer from Arkansas, writes in her blog,, that she sees the debate on publishing traditionally vs. self-publishing as a battle that is over. She writes, "Self-publishing won the debate in my mind, because in the eye of the reader, it doesn’t matter."  She cites how there is no accepted validation in self-publishing.

My perspective matches that to some extent, but I suspect - and I added this to a comment to her blog - that e-publishing will soon have built in validation - your number of readers will speak volumes. 

There isn't a pure model yet where your download/sales volume totals can be seen (in e-publshing), but I imagine Google or some other electric brainchild will aggregate e-publishing download results before long and the best will rise to the top. 

It will then be like the music download business (where downloads can be tracked).  Check out how that developed and you'll see where books and self-publishing are headed.