Tuesday, June 28, 2011

QR Codes - What are they and how can they help authors

Once in a while I'll take off my writers hat to share what I do in my day job - advertising development and market research.  This post is of that variety.  

All of a sudden, QR codes are being used by marketers across the globe.  So why can't authors get in on the act too? Fact is, they most certainly can.

QR codes is the techy name for those stamp like blocks that appear often at the foot advertisements.  They look sort of like a scattered bar codes, and like bar codes they can contain one of four different types of information - URL, text, phone number or SMS.  The end user who sees a QR code can snap a picture of it with their smart phone and get the pertinent info it contains using a QR code app they most likely would already have.

Here is a QR code that ties to this blog:

For the author seeking to get visitors to his/her web page, the QR code may be the way to go.  Not everyone may remember a name, title, or web page URL, but the QR code can be useful way for them to input that info into their smart phones for current or later reference.  You can embed QR codes most anywhere (think biz cards, bookmarks, promotional fliers, etc.).

For a great article on QR codes and how to use them, I'll refer you to this piece written by Daniela Baker.

If you want help doing this yourself, or want someone to help you do it, drop me an email or tweet.